NRS Associates LLC

Company Overview
NRS Associates LLC
was established to provide access to high-level expertise in applied mechanics, solid mechanics, stress analysis, and metallurgical simulation.

NRS's clients are manufacturing companies whose products derive a significant portion of their value from engineered functionality and design. Cost-consciouHeat Treat Thermal Simulations companies maintain their in-house engineering analysis staffing at levels sufficient to handle their day-to-day needs, bringing in additional resources during times of peak activity or when a particular specialized skill may be required. Our market focus is medium to large manufacturers who follow such a strategy, as well as those—including smaller companies—who, because of the nature of their business, are unable to justify a full-time analytical staff.

Relying on the technical skills of our associates and a network of collaborators at national laboratories, universities, and allied consulting firms, we use computer simulations and physical theory  to address and resolve our clients' questions and problems simply and quickly, eliminating much of the extensive—and expensive—testing and physical prototyping normally associated with product  and process development.

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